Corporate Social Responsibility
- From The Heart

At INK, we believe that in everything we do, we should do it from the heart. In Chinese, it is called 用心. 用心设计、用心经营. That's how we can add value to our customers, to our communities. So, no surprise our corporate social responsibility program is called 'From The Heart' CSR Program.

We want everyone from INK to make a real difference in everything we do. We aim to add value to the community, to help the underprivileged and to bring more care and joy, from the heart.

- Kristy Liew, Founder & Managing Director

Read This Before It’s Too Late To Save Your Brand – How Brand Architecture Is Crucial for your Brand

Let’s face it, we have seen good products fail to take off in the market. Even products from popular companies: they carry a powerful brand, they’re impressive—but for some reason they fall flat in the market. We learn that sometimes big brands fail due to their branding getting in the way. That’s because the problem can sometimes come from their…

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How this “Textbook Theory” Can Help You Succeed in Building Real Life Customer Loyalty

Even if you’re a non-believer of academic textbook theories, you would surely like to know about how this theory can be practically applied in the field. There are many tools in marketing with fancy jargon and theoretical concepts, but little practical use in reality. However, the brand pyramid is a rare exception. It allows businesses, especially marketers to identify the…

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How to Convert Online Impressions into In-store Sales?

Online marketing is all the rage now due to COVID-19 pandemic. The earlier MCO (movement control order) has forced consumer behaviors to change – high consumption of online contents and more receptiveness towards online advertising. Businesses have responded by venturing into communications on digital platforms, particularly social media. Often, these are new channels for the businesses, thus every little progress,…

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How Should A Marketer Evaluate Designs?

At some point in a marketer’s career, there are self-doubts when asked to comment on a piece of artwork presented by the agency. There you are, facing people who do artwork design as a profession, and you need to comment without appearing, dare I say, foolish. The artwork does not seem right to you, but self-doubt is rearing its head.…

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How has Covid-19 changed the Consumer Goods Industry?

In Brief: Food and Beverage Consumer Goods are taking over Asia Brands are narrowing product focus Below-the-line strategies to leverage the situation   Amidst Covid-19’s breakout, many fled to supermarkets in panic, clearing stocks off shelves like ice cream on a hot afternoon. Of all industries affected by the pandemic, Consumer Goods have shown no signs of slowing down. Necessity…

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The Handbook to Powerful Product Displays

The Handbook of Powerful Product Displays  Product displays are also known as Point of Purchase Displays or Point of Sales Displays. These cover a wide variety of different types, shapes, and uses. Examples of Product Displays include Standees, Block Displays, Shelf Frames, Shelf Talkers, etc. With so many choices and materials, how does one decide which is the best fit…

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What are Point of Purchase displays?

What are Point of Purchase displays? A point of purchase (POP) display is an industry-loved term used especially during product placement planning for consumers. These Point-of-Purchase Product displays are placed in-store to attract the most attention. The point of purchase aka point of sale (POS), as the name suggests, is the point where purchases occur for customers, be it physical…

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Namewee – Ok Lah (MCO Song) : Competition for Charity

  • CSR
  • May 31, 2020

Submission for Namewee’s OK lah! Goodbye Corona Competition. This production is made as support to the competition’s philanthropic intent. A grand total of RM30,000 will be donated to a charitable organization of the winner’s choice. With the recent extension of the Movement Control Order, our team decided it would be best to lift the spirits of the both the employees…

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5 Tips to Improve POP Displays

What Are POP Displays? Before we delve into the 5 Tips to Improve POP Displays,  we must first define what we mean by POP Displays. Point-of-purchase marketing is focused on in-store experience, making use of different POP display units to sway shoppers in making an impulse purchase or product consideration.   Types of Displays In general, FMCG or retail brands usually…

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CSR 2019: Heal the Earth

  • CSR
  • May 22, 2020

As part of our 2019 CSR Initiative, the INK Marketing team took on a part of an agriculture farm.  Each of us planted a tree, which we will schedule to attend to bi-annually, monitoring it’s growth and progress.

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