Corporate Social Responsibility
- From The Heart

At INK, we believe that in everything we do, we should do it from the heart. In Chinese, it is called 用心. 用心设计、用心经营. That's how we can add value to our customers, to our communities. So, no surprise our corporate social responsibility program is called 'From The Heart' CSR Program.

We want everyone from INK to make a real difference in everything we do. We aim to add value to the community, to help the underprivileged and to bring more care and joy, from the heart.

- Kristy Liew, Founder & Managing Director

5 Most Harmful POSM Display Mistakes For Your Brand

Point-of-sale materials (POSM) are displayed at almost every store. From the grocery store to the gas station, we’re constantly exposed to an onslaught of signage and ads. And while some of these messages may be compelling, many are not. It’s easy for marketers to make mistakes when designing their POSM – especially if they don’t know what mistakes to look…

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8 Genius POSM Designs for Supermarkets We Can’t Stop Looking At

One of the most important factors in determining the success or failure of a brand is the effectiveness of its point-of-sale materials (POSM), also known as point-of-purchase (POP) displays. This includes any marketing materials that are used to promote products at retail locations, such as grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations. Sometimes making amazing and attention-grabbing POSM designs for…

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4 Creative Pandemic Campaigns That Were Absolutely Genius

There’s nothing better than seeing a marketing campaign that pushes our concept of what’s possible. It is easy to think that an economy-crushing pandemic caused by COVID-19 worldwide would dull creative expression as brands would become more risk-averse. The inverse has been the case instead. Sure, there are many brands that have done a good job marketing strong messages of…

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Hyperbolic Discounting: Learn How To Make Your Offers Irresistible

Easy steps to make bottom-funnel offers that convert with urgency You don’t have to come up with extravagant offers to get potential customers to convert. If you know how to tug at the strings of immediate gratification, it is enough to tip your bottom-funnel leads over the edge into taking action on a purchase decision. An effective way to do…

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INK CSR 2021 – Restart Malaysia

Zalyza Asam Pedas Original Melaka Colby Western Corner   As part of INK’s CSR initiative for 2021, we’ve decided to help out businesses most affected by the pandemic. Especially during MCO, these F&B outlets suffered from a dip in dine-in customers. By providing them with complimentary banners (incl design, production & installation), we hope to play our part in aiding…

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B2B Marketing: 3 Easy Steps To Quickly Get Started On LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn is older (by nine months) than Facebook? Despite being one of the oldest pioneering social networks still thriving today, the potential for organic growth on LinkedIn is big. But it’s no longer mainly about job postings. According to Hootsuite, LinkedIn is a gold mine for B2B marketing. For an idea of the potential reach in…

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How COVID-19 Inspires Brands To ‘Wow’ Customers With POSM

To keep the relationships between brands and consumers aflame, marketers locate the most effective and engaging ways for the conversation to happen. Digital marketing emerged through the years to help marketers rethink their approach to the conversation, but the recent pandemic has scrapped all slow and deliberate planning and instead forced a gold rush into the digital space. It is…

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Digital Marketing 2021: 5 Tools That Will Not Fail You

The year ahead promises great returns for marketers that are willing to update their approach to digital marketing. Driven indoors in 2020 by a global crisis, there has been a great exodus offline for both customers and brands alike. As marketers, we need useful tools to make it give us the much-needed leverage in order to seize the opportunities and…

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5 Marketing Trends That Will Help Emerging Brands in 2021

Where there is trouble there is also opportunity. This is no different for the recent COVID-19 pandemic that has left many businesses, big and small, reeling and scrambling to adapt to a disorientating new set of circumstances. Big businesses may have the wherewithal to take a hit and keep moving forward, but that doesn’t mean that small, growing brands should…

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3 Trends That Will Help FMCG Marketing Skyrocket in 2021

The thing about recent changes to the way industries do marketing is that unlike the pandemic (hopefully), they’re made to stay. As far as lockdown is concerned, demand for products and services have dropped across many industries, but groceries remain a necessity for consumers. However, consumers are making fewer visits to grocers and taking measures to limit the contact they…

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