Our Solutions

What sets INK Marketing apart from many agencies is the complete integration we have – we design and manufacture in-house which allows for a high level of quality, fulfilment and cost control. Our project managers consult with the production team on a daily basis, ensuring projects run on time and liaise with clients and target stores.


Temporary Displays

Temporary Displays are POS / Point of Purchase Displays that are put up for a temporary duration of a few months. Examples of Temporary Displays include Standee Displays, Corrugated Block Displays, Table Top Displays and many more. Most brands prefer temporary displays when it comes to new product introductions, market testing or seasonal product promotion.

Depending on the duration of the display, our servicing team will recommend a variety of different materials to suit your purpose. Materials include Chipboard, Foamboard, Corrugated, Acrylic, Hi-Impact, etc.

Permanent Displays

As the name suggests, permanent displays are made to last 1-3 years, sometimes much longer. Though they have relatively higher maintenance and upfront costs, if planned and executed effectively, these displays can bring immense returns on the initial investment. Made with sturdy materials, these displays are more resistant to in-store damage by consumers.

Permanent Displays can include a separate kiosk or section in a store, such as a cabinet or counter made with your branding. Materials involved in the production of permanent POS displays are usually more rigid and durable, such as, metal, plastic, wood and glass.

Semi-Permanent Displays

A sub-category permanent displays are semi-permanent displays. When looking for a display lasting anywhere between 12-52 weeks. Typically, semi-permanent displays consist of materials such as acrylic, durable cardboards, ABS, thermoforming, etc. Due to the duration of display, promotional messages can be re-dressed easily onto the unit. These displays tend to have a more premium look and feel when compared to temporary displays, making them more suited for relatively high ticket or top selling items.


Seamless market execution requires efficient coordination. We do much more than just design and production. Our installers survey all stores prior to installation, and prepare a packaging, transport and access plan ahead. Our packaging team can pre-pack display units onto pallets or hand loaded into a container to meet your project needs.

Our Process