5 Amazing Ideas To Steal For Seasonal Point-of-Sale Displays

  • October 24, 2021

One of the best opportunities brands can use to feature their products in unique and attention-grabbing ways is to incorporate creative designs into their point-of-sale materials (POSM) during special seasons.

Whether we’re talking about colorful annual festivities or major events, from sports tournaments to big movie releases, brands have the chance to showcase their ingenuity in fresh and surprising ways.

Unfortunately, many don’t, opting instead to put out variations of common designs. Those that do go the extra mile to be creative have at times produced some impressive POSM displays that stand out in retail.

Below are 5 creative ideas used in seasonal retail settings that can take your POSM designs to the next level:

  1. Coca-Cola – Showcasing a bigger message for Chinese New Year

Upcycle Lunar New Year display by Coca-Cola (Source: TimeOut)

Stacks of plastic Coke crates around a peach blossom tree for the Lunar New Year? What seemed like a hipster display by the F&B giant was actually an upcycle demonstration that waste doesn’t have to be wasted – they can be turned into an artistic showcase.

Located at The Mills in Hong Kong, the crates were arranged to create a maze leading to the center tree, festooned with fai chun that spell prosperity and good fortune for the festive season.

Not only does it buck the trend of design-heavy but largely superficial Chinese New Year displays, this display also highlighted the larger message of commercial sustainability.

How this applies to seasonal POSM: How can brands incorporate a relevant message to its POSM designs? Are they using less plastic, or giving back to society in any way with their products? Find creative ways to showcase that.


  1. M&M’s – Localized use of iconic mascots for Chinese New Year

M&M’s mascots ushering in the Lunar New Year (Source: Marketing Interactive)

It’s safe to say that most shoppers recognize the M&M’s mascots. Without any other indicators, shoppers of Citygate Outlets in Hong Kong knew immediately that: (i) M&M’s is having a showcase; (ii) it is a Chinese New Year showcase.

While two mascots showed the customary goodwill greeting, the others held a lion dance – one doesn’t really need anything else to know what it all means.

How this applies to seasonal POSM: Does your brand have any distinguishing features like mascots? Beyond cardboard cutouts, how can you use them to effectively convey a seasonal message for your POSM displays?


  1. Netflix – Showcase an unmissable sight for the launch of Squid Game

Squid Game’s giant doll in Sunway Pyramid (Source: The Smart Local)

It’s hardly a surprise that Netflix has cashed in on its new phenomenon Squid Game, which has been making waves around the globe. One memorable aspect of the show is the instantly recognizable giant ‘Mugunghwa’ doll.

Sunway Pyramid mall in Malaysia has taken these elements and created a head-turning (heh) display, using the PlayStation-esque circle, triangle, and square symbols from the show as physical distancing markers as well.


Fans have also found a more ominous version of the doll, an animatronic installation that can turn its head, in Robinsons Galleria Ortigas Mall, Manila. Then there’s the show’s takeover of Itaewon Station in Korea.

Squid Game theme covers the entire Itaewon Station (Source: Mothership)

How this applies to seasonal POSM: Sometimes when brands want to take advantage of a pop culture fad, they hold back from making huge statements. Not Sunway and Robinsons, which took a page out of bold guerilla marketing campaigns for a bold partnership with Netflix when the opportunity arose. Is there a trend that your brand can ride to take its POSM displays to another level?

  1. Etsy – Simple but meaningful message for Mother’s Day


Window display sold by Etsy for Mother’s Day (Source: Pinterest)

Great copy can go a long way for any form of display, including POSM in a variety of retail settings. With a snappy catchphrase or clever play on words, you can add more ‘substance’ to your displays without breaking the bank or taking up too much time.

Another example of using wordplay to be attention-grabbing is the amusing ‘Mekdi’ signage from McDonald’s Malaysia to commemorate the country’s Independence Day. It reflects the particular vernacular locals use to identify with brands.

Mekdi signage at McDonald’s Bukit Bintang, Malaysia (Source: Coconuts)

How this applies to seasonal POSM: Sometimes all a POSM display needs is the right words to stand out to shoppers. Of course this doesn’t mean simply incorporating loud and over-the-top copy. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Halloween, or even the mid-year school holidays, are there ways to reflect your brand’s personality in interesting ways while celebrating the season?

  1. Coca-Cola – Relevant, interactive, and fun for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Volleyball Vending Machine in Tokyo (Source: SoraNews24)

Did you know that female volleyball players could jump up to 10.1 feet high while male players could leap up to 11.4 feet high? Coca-Cola decided to promote the Tokyo 2020 Olympics by showcasing those facts using an actual vending machine that’s over 11.5 feet tall.

Besides being a staggering sight, it was a fully functioning machine that could dispense drinks – if of course people could reach the buttons.

It was a clever installation that raised eyebrows and highlighted just how impressive professional athletes are in the Olympics. A win-win for the event and for Coke.

How this applies to seasonal POSM: The Volleyball Vending machine is a classic example of ‘show don’t tell’ by Coca-Cola. It’s quite impressive how high volleyball players can leap, but people wouldn’t be interested unless that fact can be represented in original and staggering ways. Are your products able to do some amazing things? How can you use your retail displays to illustrate how impressive they are?

Ideas are everywhere

Thematic retail displays creatively designed for special seasons can give brands an extra edge with their products, especially when it’s peak shopping season.

But when many other brands out there are doing something to celebrate the occasion, it can be difficult to make a strong and lasting impression on consumers. Therefore those that manage to stand out truly have something special.

Need some inspiration for your own seasonal packaging and POSM designs? Which have stood out to you in the past? And what do you wish to see more of in terms of seasonal designs?