In Malaysia, For Malaysia

Every job loss is not just a statistic, but a crisis to a family. Every business closure is not an isolated instance, but with spillover effects on the cashflow and disposal income (hence, spending) of the economy. Please join us. Together, let’s help our business community in Malaysia, for all Malaysians.


It makes sense to help fellow Malaysians. But it must also make sense for your business.

Once we come together to help with our heart, the possibilities are endless.

What’s in it for you:

  • Cost savings
  • Sales increase
  • PR & publicity value
  • Assurance of delivery (sourced locally)
  • Diversification of sourcing for future (won’t be stranded by any overseas lockdown)
  • Support Malaysians which will come back to benefit you as consumers of your products

What's It All About?

A Brief Overview of our Campaign - #InMalaysiaForMalaysia

Participating Brands

Just like your business is unique, the campaign for each of the following participants is unique too. Talk to us about your unique products and circumstances, and together, let’s work out your unique #InMalaysiaForMalaysia campaign.