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How The Right Exhibition Can Help Make Your Next Big Activation A Success

Even as brands continue to invest heavily into digital activations, there’s nothing quite like on-ground activations to connect effectively with shoppers.

Exhibition stands continue to be a great way to do so.

Though not uncommon, their importance cannot be overstated, as there are many things that can be achieved between brands and shoppers in-person that cannot be replicated online.

For those still considering it, here’s how a well-executed exhibition stand can do wonders for your next brand activation.

Create a mini ‘world’ powered by your brand

Sometimes the best kinds of shopping experiences involve getting lost in another world.

And if that world is powered by your brand, then you have the opportunity to go five steps further to show people who you really are and what you’re about, rather than just telling them.

Exhibition stands are useful for those ambitious enough to gun for a holistic impact with shoppers.

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Source: Creativity International Awards

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Source: Creativity International Awards

Developed for a trade fair in Hong Kong dubbed the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, the designed concept Pixel Love came to life in 2018 as a way to immerse visitors in the world of 80s video game culture.

As neon lights and punchy colors envelope the senses at every turn, it’s an experience that’s difficult to ignore. Do you have a vision of a world you want to create with your brand? A well-designed exhibition stand of light and color can drive home your point.

Exclusive space for your products to shine

Exhibition stands make it easy to showcase products in the right light, or at least in the manner that brands intend for them to be seen. Rather than waiting for curious prospects to turn up at your showroom, bring your showroom to them to pique their curiosity when they’re out and about.

It’s also an excellent way to creatively raise awareness of new offerings that doubles up as an invitation for shoppers to experience those offerings first-hand.

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Source: Quadrant2Design

But it’s not only tangible products that can be effectively showcased by physical exhibitions. For its Grace Hopper Conference that celebrates women in computing, Google created an exhibition featuring a ‘playground’ of large geometrical blocks that underscores their identity of helping people to create and play, and to shape their own worlds.

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Source: Pink Sparrow

Versatility to host various hands-on activities

Some on-ground activations are more creative and interactive than others. From tech-forward ones that involve virtual and augmented reality (VR) demonstrations to those with product stress tests and hands-on contests, exhibition stands can be set up to accommodate the trickiest or most demanding brand activations.

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Source: Exhibition Co.

A brand gives itself the highest chance of success with prospects when it designs an exhibition stand that immerses them within a well-designed world and that showcases its products and services in the best light.

However, giving prospects the chance to experience those products and services in fun and hands-on ways pushes them further – from simply being aware to desiring what that brand has to offer.

Easier space to maintain engagement

A well-made exhibition stand usually includes the space for the brand to hold prolonged conversations with prospects. Once they’ve moved from awareness to consideration and desire, it becomes easier for a brand’s sales team to engage with them without wasting anyone’s time.

While that may not mean closing the sale on the spot, it’s still a great way to generate leads. Shoppers walk away with a positive brand experience, and the brand walks away with meaningful data they can work and follow up with.

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Source: Pinterest

Memorable exhibition, memorable brand

So much can be done to make an exhibition a positive experience for shoppers. From interactive activities and contests to helping them to immerse themselves into what a brand is all about, it’s up to brands to make it worth people’s time and attention, which includes the overall design of their exhibition stand.

What exhibitions have caught your eye in recent memory? Were there any that have been particularly memorable for you?