What are Point of Purchase displays?

  • July 14, 2020

What are Point of Purchase displays?

A point of purchase (POP) display is an industry-loved term used especially during product placement planning for consumers. These Point-of-Purchase Product displays are placed in-store to attract the most attention. The point of purchase aka point of sale (POS), as the name suggests, is the point where purchases occur for customers, be it physical or digitally, such as a website checkout. Promotional activities are often found in these areas.

Point of Purchase is Relevant

In this day and age, marketers have focused on point of purchase as an area of importance. Whether it be the online platform or offline outlet, the point of purchase is where marketers decide on the optimal way of product showcasing. Point of purchase displays strategically put in these areas can sway the decisions of customers in less than a heartbeat.

Where Point of Purchase Displays are Found

In the past, Point of Purchase displays would usually be found only nearby checkout counters. However, it has evolved to the point where point of purchase displays can be found throughout a grocery or retail store. Marketers and retailers have learned the power of using point of purchase displays to increase in-store success, sales and overall brand awareness.

Different Types of Point of Purchase Displays

One of the more complex kinds of Point of Purchase displays is the concept of a store within a store. Referred to some as a vendor shop or promotional area. Marketers would decide on decorating a section of the store, in doing so, their product stands out from the rest in-store.

Another effective usage method for Point of Purchase Displays are signages. Based off a research study (Brigham Young University), displaying products alongside signages increased performance by 20 percent. This is when compared to their non-signage counterparts, proving the difference POP displays make.

Signages prove to be an incredibly powerful form of Point of Purchase Display. In a comparison between discounted items with no signages and regular priced items with signages, it was found that those regularly priced performed 18% better than those on discount. The key deciding factor on this increase in performance were the signages used.

Signages can take the form of wobblers and shelf talkers, all the way to large advertisement boards and light box advertising. So long as these Point of Purchase Displays are used tactfully, they are excellent ways of grabbing customers attention and increasing sales for seasonal items.

When considering a large percentage of sales only happening when customers are in-store, POP displays are the true silent salesman, drawing your customers to purchase.