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Need POSM Display Ideas? Here Are Fun & Exciting Examples That Kids Will Love

While parents ultimately decide what goes into the shopping cart and what doesn’t, their children do have a big influence on spending decisions.

With that said, marketers may need to tread lightly on advertisements targeting kids but they still have plenty of room to creatively encourage purchase decisions, whether direct or indirect, through point-of-sale materials (POSM) that appeal to kids.

In what ways can they start doing so? Let’s explore some of the interesting designs in retail that can catch the eyes of kids which in turn would help catch the attention of parents.

Pokemon gondola display

Bright, colorful, and stocked with various toys that would turn the heads of kids and grown-up fans alike. Featuring a large Pickachu face, Poke Ball designs, as well as digital displays, the Pokemon gondola displays that were set up across toy stores in South Korea is a good example of POSM done well.

ink marketing pokemon gondola display

All your favorite Pokemons on display (Source: NintendoSoup)

Similarly, the Pokemon section at Toys R’ Us in Goru, South Korea takes aim at Pikachu fans using two large statues of the iconic character. Framed by a large archway, it’s easy for smitten kids and curious shoppers to wander into this area.

ink marketing pokemon pikachu archway

Two Pikachu statues that are hard to miss (Source: NintendoSoup)

Kid’s Cavern store center ‘vortex’ display, Macau

While POSM displays that are at eye level for adults may be out of reach for kids, it would not stop them from looking upward in awe, especially if there was a swirling vortex of lollipops hanging from the ceiling.

ink marketing macau vortex aisle

Mesmerizing ‘vortex’ isle unit in the middle of the store (Source: Retail Design Blog)

That’s the center display found at Kid’s Cavern, Macau. Among other wondrous themes that dress up the various sections of the toy store, the center vortex that hangs over the shelves and isle unit (which are, by the way, at the ideal height for kids) at the center of the store is a captivating sight.

My Own Creation (MOC) display cases at LEGO stores

Walking into a LEGO store is beautiful for at least two reasons: its bright and colorful atmosphere, along with some of the beautiful creations on display. For kids, it is a place of fun – but more importantly, a place where the possibilities of fun are endless.

ink marketing lego display

Bright yellow LEGO store designs for mood-boosting (Source: Cosmopolitan)

So, what better way is there to celebrate that than to feature the detailed and imaginative custom works of fans a.k.a My Own Creation (MOC)? Not only do such great works grip the imagination of kids, they may also convince parents that perhaps LEGO is a good gift for their kids as a healthy outlet for their budding minds.

ink marketing lego build display

A good example of a LEGO MOC (Source: Reddit)

Snack gondola displays with fun themes by Chupa Chups & Cadbury

Conventional retail displays are not the most thrilling to look at as they mostly only serve practical purposes. However, a well-designed one for kids might go a long way to help them develop positive associations with the brands on display.

ink marketing chupa chups store display

Cute and fun visual treat for sweet treats (Source: Duty Free Mag)

Whether it’s a boat that helps kids visualize hopping aboard the lollipop voyage with Chupa Chups or jumping back on the bus to school with Cadbury, these creative takes on POSM displays hit the play button in their minds. Most times that’s all it takes to get them i.e. their parents to add to cart.

ink marketing cadbury school bus

Cadbury makes back-to-school shopping a little more fun (Source: Pinterest)

Attractive POSM displays that aren’t only for kids

Some POSM displays have clearly been made to only target kids, while some can appeal to the sensibilities of adults too. This is important, as sometimes parents shop for their kids without their kids.

Whether you’re selling snacks, stationery or toys, if your display can make them think, “Hey, this looks nice – it looks like it might have something suitable for him/her/them”, then that can be considered a job well done. Who knows, it may bring back happy memories of when they were kids too.