How COVID-19 Inspires Brands To ‘Wow’ Customers With POSM

To keep the relationships between brands and consumers aflame, marketers locate the most effective and engaging ways for the conversation to happen. Digital marketing emerged through the years to help marketers rethink their approach to the conversation, but the recent pandemic has scrapped all slow and deliberate planning and instead forced a gold rush into the digital space. It is…

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Digital Marketing 2021: 5 Tools That Will Not Fail You

The year ahead promises great returns for marketers that are willing to update their approach to digital marketing. Driven indoors in 2020 by a global crisis, there has been a great exodus offline for both customers and brands alike. As marketers, we need useful tools to make it give us the much-needed leverage in order to seize the opportunities and…

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Read This Before It’s Too Late To Save Your Brand – How Brand Architecture Is Crucial for your Brand

Let’s face it, we have seen good products fail to take off in the market. Even products from popular companies: they carry a powerful brand, they’re impressive—but for some reason they fall flat in the market. We learn that sometimes big brands fail due to their branding getting in the way. That’s because the problem can sometimes come from their…

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