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Retail Plant Therapy: How To Make Your Store Better With Nature’s Help

Plants are known to provide a whole array of physiological, emotional, and mental benefits, from stress reduction, increased cognition to overall health improvements. If there is a way to create a more welcoming retail experience, incorporating greenery would be quite high up any store owner’s list. While it’s not as simple as simply placing more potted plants in and around…

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Have You Tried These Fun Upcycling Ideas To Refresh Your Retail Store?

Adopting practices that reduce environmental impact isn’t only the responsibility of consumers. Retailers have a part to play too. In fact, retailers can demonstrate sustainable practices in fun and engaging ways, the most apparent being the use of upcycled materials. Upcycling involves the renewal of otherwise discarded old objects or materials. Rather than throwing them out, they are repurposed ‘upwards’…

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