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How To Create Effective POSM Displays Like The Big Brands

For big brands, it may seem that global brand recognition means they no longer need to put a lot of effort into standing out at supermarket aisles. These brands come immediately to mind when mentioning a particular product category. Chocolate? Cadbury. Energy drink? Red bull. And so on. However, big brands cannot be complacent; they need to keep running in…

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4 Best POSM Practices To Promote Eco-Friendly & Organic Brands

It’s tough enough to make a good impression on shoppers with point-of-sale materials (POSM), it’s another challenge altogether to appeal to eco-conscious shoppers. Oftentimes shoppers won’t stick around to read why a product is eco-friendly; they would simply infer it from their first impression of it in the supermarket. If a POSM display doesn’t scream ‘eco-friendly’, ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, then…

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3 Proven Ways To Attract Buyers On Shopee & Boost Sales

Shopee has become the dominant e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. By the third quarter of 2020, it far outperformed all other platforms including Lazada, Zalora and eBay in monthly website visits and App/Play Store rankings. So it makes sense for any online (or hybrid click-and-mortar) business, small or big, to build a presence on Shopee. But how can they set…

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Why Hangsells Can Be The Key To Quickly Increase Your Sales

Hangsells are useful displays for all retailers to have as a point-of-sale materials (POSM) option. As their name suggests, these displays are hung in retail settings such as supermarkets and convenience stores to promote products for shoppers to purchase. As simple as it sounds, the promotional tactic of using hangsells is valuable for marketers looking to increase sales through quick…

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